The NDIS is a new government initiative to help people with significant disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Children can receive funding if there are some developmental delays that may need support prior to a diagnosis.  This funding is quite complicated so talk to your clinician if you have any specific questions.

The first step is to call NDIS to apply for funding.  They will send you some paperwork to determine eligibility.  Next you will be given an appointment with you LAC (probably from Brotherhood of St Laurence who are our local LACs).  They will meet with you for 1-2 hours and then write a report based on your child’s needs.  This report will be given to a third person who allocates funding.

You will then receive a plan with your funding stated on it. You will have goals written on your plan which is what we work toward over the next year.

There are 3 funding pathways through NDIS

Self managed is when you pay for your therapy then submit the invoice online and get 100% back into your account.

3rd party managed when you employ and agency to pay your invoices.  You need to authorise each invoice by email before it is paid.  There are no costs to you.

NDIA managed is when a NDIS approved organisation will directly bill NDIS for their services.  PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT NDIS REGISTERED SO WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU WITH THIS PATHWAY.  

If you have any questions please speak to Tracey, Kylie, or Paula.