Occupational Therapy

Assessment and intervention.

Occupational Therapy

Stacey Cini

Stacey graduated with a Masters of Occupational Therapy. She loves to work collaboratively with children and families and highly values her client’s interests, goals and preferences when planning and organising her intervention sessions to ensure her clients are getting the best care. Stacey enjoys working with children who are typically and neuro-diversely developing. She is passionate about working with children of all ages and with their families around fine and gross motor delays, handwriting, sensory regulation, self-care and life skill development.

Stacey works Monday to Friday at both clinics and will run individual and group sessions. In her spare time, Stacey loves to hang out with friends, spend time with her family and go on walks.

Chloe Carlton

Chloe graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Hons) from Deakin University. Chloe is passionate about working collaboratively with children and their families to support them in achieving their goals. She considers her clients’ interests, strengths and goals when planning intervention sessions to ensure her clients are receiving the best care. Chloe is interested in supporting children with their gross and fine motor skills, handwriting, self-care and sensory regulation. Chloe has been working with typically and neuro-diversly developing children since 2018 and enjoys every second of it.

Chloe works out of our Keilor Downs office Mon-Friday and every second Saturday, running individual and group sessions. Outside of work, Chloe enjoys spending time with her family, friends and pet greyhound, Strecker.