We are a consortium of allied health professionals who have been working in our specialised areas for many years.  We all specialise in a range of family needs including assessment and intervention.

Early Intervention:

Autism, developmental disorders, feeding difficulties, speech and language, sensory needs, early intervention, AAC, school readiness, anxiety and other mental health difficulties.

Primary Age:

Psychology: Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, early intervention, feeding difficulties, mental health including anxiety, depression, behaviour, anger, sleep disorders, fussy eaters, cognitive assessments, academic assessments and autism assessments.

Speech and Language: Assessment and intervention, feeding difficulties, articulation, grammar, Dyspraxia, conversational skills, AAC, dyslexia, feeding disorders, stuttering and reading difficulties.

Occupational Therapy: Sensory processing, sensory regulation, feeding difficulties, fine motor and gross motor skills, handwriting, feeding and eating difficulties.

Secondary Age:

Psychology: Mental Health including anxiety, depression, behaviour, anger, sleep disorders, assessments, trauma, bullying and stress.

Speech Pathology: Articulation, grammar, AAC, Specific Learning Disorders such as reading, spelling and phonological awareness, conversational skills, language delays, stuttering and Dyspraxia.

Occupational Therapy: Sensory processing, regulation strategies, pencil grip, fine and gross motor, core body strength and eating difficulties.


Psychology: Mental Health including autism, anxiety, depression, anger, sleep and trauma.

Speech and Language: Conversation skills and communication.

Social Skills Group for 16+ on a Saturday night.