Autism Assessments

We are able to complete a single disciplinary or a multidisciplinary assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

With a referral from your Paediatrician, you can see a Psychologist and a Speech Pathologist for an assessment.

Autism Assessment

For group intervention and social-skill building, please check our group page here.

For a Psychological assessment, we will conduct four sessions:

A cognitive assessment including an IQ test to determine the child’s cognitive profile (WPPSI-IV or WISC-V). The WISC-V is administered with an iPad.

A full developmental history (Autism Diagnostic Interview ADI-R)

A report and feedback session

For a Speech Pathology assessment, we will conduct:

A full speech and language assessment (CELF-IV)

A play and interaction assessment (Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale ADOS-II)

A pragmatic language assessment

A report and feedback session

A total of 4 assessment sessions are able to be claimed through Medicare for a rebate of $84.80 per session.

The amount and type of assessment your child will require is dependent on their age and any previous assessments that have been completed